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Plenty of opportunities for fun and games

With us, there is no danger that you will be bored. In addition to the campsite’s green areas, you will find a lovely campfire site, where it will be possible to participate in various activities where intimacy, music and singing are paramount. Our large bonfire site challenges the culinary possibilities of outdoor life. Being together and teamwork go hand in hand when we together prepare the food. Here, there is also opportunity to meet some of the other guests and children in the campingsite- and what is better than when the kids find new playmates?

Many hours of play

The new playmates can suitably take them to the playground, which has many hours of play with three jumping pillows and several play towers. When the kids are tired of climbing the towers, there is no need to be bored. Our Waterland has a lovely tropical climate and is open all day in the high season, so it’s always possible for a swim in the heated water. The Waterland is for everyone, young and old, and for the old ones, there is extra entertainment in the form of a 37-meter long water slide. If you are in the mood for a contest or competition among yourselves, table tennis, petanque or our 18-hole mini golf course can be the place where you meet. In other words, there is plenty to do at our campingsite, so you will hardly get bored.