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Various prices
Day guests: pr. day
kr. 20,00
Car on site: pr. day
kr. 40,00
Empty cart for a maximum of 3 weeks (pay space fee)
kr. 40.00 – 70.00
Mini golf pr. person
kr. 30,00
Table tennis pr. set
kr. 30,00
Petanque pr. set
kr. 30,00
Spa bath: 50 min. (White Service Building)
kr. 50,00
Wireless internet: 2 days
kr. 40,00
Wireless internet: 1 week
kr. 75,00
Power consumption by meter
kr. 22.00 pr. started 4kwh.

Water park prices
Pr. person
kr. 50,00
10 trip discount card (Campers)
kr. 350,00
10 trip discount card (Guests from outside)
kr. 420,00

Prices / periods per. Day
01.01 - 31.12Holidays, Sundays & public holidays
Children 0-11 years (overnight)
kr. 62,00kr. 62,00
Adults 12 -? years (overnight stay)
kr. 89,00kr. 89,00
Dog (per dog)
kr. 20,00kr. 20,00
Power consumption by meter
kr. 30.00 pr. started 4kwh.
Space fee
kr. 40,00kr. 70,00
Environmental supplement per. day
kr. 15,00kr. 15,00
Rental of electric cable per. use
kr. 25,00kr. 25,00
Shower (4 min. Hot water)
kr. 7,00kr. 7,00

Children between 0-12 years must be accompanied by a person over 18 years. The balance on the discount card is personal and non-refundable, but can be used for up to 2 years

Note:  * We reserve the right to make printing errors, price changes or sold-out services & goods..