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Active vacation by the fjord: Limfjord’s Camping & Vandland ensures comfort and a cosy atmosphere

Before long, the summer is once again upon us, and for most Danes this means vacation. Many Danes choose to go camping in the vacation weeks, and this is no coincidence. Camping vacations are equal to cosiness and being together. It is a perfect opportunity to be present and immerse yourself with the family, which can be difficult in everyday life. At Limfjords Camping & Vandland we have scenic surroundings, the sun’s rays playing in the water, lovely facilities, and extra large spaces that provide the framework for your perfect vacation experience with the family. We look forward to welcoming you.

Caravan or tent? At Limfjords Camping & Vandland there is room for everyone

If you have decided to go camping during the holidays, it is nice to find a place where there is plenty of space. With us, at Limfjords Camping & Vandland there is room for you, whether you plan to park the camper, clamp the caravan after the car or pitch the tent.

With us, there is not only room for all kinds of camping, but also all kinds of people. If you want to spend your holidays relaxing and leaving the duties at home, the campingsite is cosy and peaceful, and we are known for having a friendly and thoughtful environment that spreads a smile on your lips. If, on the other hand, you have your perky, energetic kids, there are plenty of activities to take to, so don’t worry: you won’t be bored.

Surroundings that give the imagination free play

One of the advantages of camping is that there is always something exciting on the campsite. If that’s not enough, there is the opportunity to experience the surrounding nature and the nearby attractions. Not far from the campingsite is Spøttrup Borg, which is the best preserved medieval castle in Denmark. There is thus an exciting experience for both young and old. If you need fresh air and a good stroll, you should pass Hjerl Hede, an open-air museum which is a small drive from the campingsite. Here you can see how the rural communities developed in Denmark from the 16th century up to today. In other words, there are good opportunities to explore the surroundings around the campingsite and experience something completely different from what everyday life usually offers.

Opportunities on the camping site

The camping site itself also offers facilities that bring out fun and play. Especially the Waterland is popular among both young and old. The Waterland is divided into three basins, a small basin that gives the smallest opportunity to play. In addition, there is a large pool where children and adults can play and have a good time. In addition, the water park offers a 37-meter water slide with its own paddling pool, so there is plenty of opportunities to get adrenaline in the blood for those who take to water like a duck.

When the sun shines over the campingsite, there is also a – almost – unavoidable rule: You must have at least one ice per day when there is summer vacation. Therefore, the campingsite also offers a very popular Icebar, which is in the top 100 of the best-selling in Denmark. You can enjoy fun, play and great ice cream waffles when Limfjords Camping & Vandland form the framework for your next camping vacation.

Will you come and taste our great homemade Mr. Krabbe Waffle with scoops from Frisko ice cream?