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Set the kids free for hours of play in the beautiful waterland

At Limfjords Camping & Vandland we have a lovely Waterland with a tropical climate, which offers several pools, a huge slide and space for both young and old. We have a sauna and a steam bath with a lovely eucalyptus scent. Here you and your family can enjoy the delicious facilities. One of the most important things, when the whole family packs the car and goes on a camping holiday, is that there are lots of fun activities for the little ones. At Limfjords Camping & Vandland you are guaranteed fun and play for hours, regardless of who and how many you are on holiday.

Heated pools all day long

At Limfjord Camping & Vandland we have many activities and our Waterland is one of the big drawers. It is not coincidental because in our campingsite there is room for everyone. Are you on vacation to pull the plug for a while, leave the duties at home and just enjoy the sun? Or did you take the kids on vacation to be active together? No matter what, we at Limfjords Camping & Vandland have what it takes to make sure you have a holiday that all comes together.

In our lovely Waterland you can let the kids loose, and if you yourself are playful, the kids will probably only love it. You don’t have to worry about freezing because our large pools are heated so you can enjoy moving around in the 30-degree hot water. We have a nice little children’s pool with room for the little ones to splash too. Once they feel safe, there is also the possibility that they can participate in all the fun. There is also a small roller coaster for the very young, so they can also be allowed to feel the rush in the stomach and get the smile forward with the whole family.

DKK 50
per. person.
10-journey ticket for Campers kr. 350,-
10-journey ticket for guests kr. 420,-

Nervous for the Danish summer? Do not fear

Nothing is as wonderful as the fresh Danish summer, when the sun shines, the waves shower towards the shore and the birds are singing. However, the heating degrees are not always entirely to be expected – but when you book a holiday with Limfjords Camping & Vandland you do not fear that the weather will ruin your long-awaited camping vacation. The delicious Waterland is indoors, and bad weather is no obstacle for the whole family being able to settle down and have fun for hours. During the summer months, our Waterland is open every day from 10 am. 10.00 – 20.00, so you do not have to hold back. In addition, in the Waterland, there is a 37-meter long roller coaster, which will probably cause the adrenaline to pump in your body by even the wildest.

Do you and the kids love to splash in the water and enjoy each others company? Lets meet at Limfjords Camping & Vandland!